On board courier &

next flight out service

On board courier (OBC)

JNE's on board courier service takes an extra step in making sure your shipment can get to its destination in time, offering a flexible solution for delivery of almost anything to anywhere in the world. With same day deliveries for your shipments into Europe, and next day delivery to most intercontinental countries, JNE's on board courier service makes sure your shipment is hand delivered to the right person. Also, the OBC will then immediately provide the P.O.D. (proof of delivery).

Next flight out (NFO) 

JNE uses the express service of different airlines to make sure your shipment departs on the next flight out. This means JNE will deliver your shipment to the airline 2 hours before departure. When the shipment has arrived, JNE can arrange pick up within 1,5 to 2 hours after arrival, clear them through customs and deliver straight away.