JNE Door to deck service


Door to deck service

JNE delivers right from the door of your warehouse to the deck of your ship or oil rig!

Nowadays, ships are not in dock as long as they used to be. What used to be a week has decreased to a small time frame of no more than eight hours, making it very difficult to supply your ship with spare parts or such.

You would normally send this urgent shipment to the local agent via airfreight, hoping that they can take care of smooth clearance at customs and make sure it is delivered in time.

If anything goes wrong, your ship will be delayed or the spare parts have to be sent to the ships next harbor. This will all cost you an unnecessary amount of money.


JNE offers door to deck service, delivering your shipment on board to the store keeper or to one of the officers on board. Without delays, but with assurance of delivery and proof of delivery (P.O.D.).

We can deliver same day to most cities in Europe, seven days a week. For harbours outside of Europe, we can deliver within a maximum of two days.

Even when your ship lays at anchor, is moored to a buoy or your shipment needs to be delivered to the deck of an oilrig, JNE has no problem delivering.

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